A stranger that washed ashore on the outskirts of the village. She carries a sword, an outrageous breach against the edict on bladed weapons, and has the tattoo of a taniwha upon her right shoulder, a forbidden symbol of the Tribe.


A student of Prosperity Boarding House.  Katsu is an introspective youth that spends his time in the company of Yuu Suguwa, the scion of the Suguwa family.  He spends his time looking for ways to escape the village, imagining the vast world beyond the Kirimachi valley.

The Mist King

A figure of myth, said to rule a fallen kingdom from the top of the Pale Mountain. The legend of the Mist King and the fabled Black Crown is closely tied to the bloody history of Kirimachi. "A shadow, a ghost, the empty space in the darkness between the shining stars.  The King walks alone upon the Pale Mountain and sees everything below."

The Wanderer

An enigmatic traveller that once sacrificed everything to climb the Pale and challenge the King.


The heir of the Suguwa family, the oldest and most influential family in Kirimachi. Despite his position Yuu often engages with the youths of Prosperity Boarding House, and his charismatic demeanour and kind-hearted nature has won him many friends from all walks of life.